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PLOT 26, Marvel Parambariyam, Kalapatti Main Road( Opposite to SMS Mahal),
Saravanampatti, Coimbatore - 641035, Tamil Nadu


The campus is truly of International standards.

International standards

The class rooms are bright and colourful, with real plants, to simulate a child’s sense of exploration from an early stage. The walls at Dino Kids hold the history of the life within the school in the form of documentation panels of children’s words and photos which synthesize past projects and chronicle current ones. Children’s words are highly visible within the space. There by communicating clearly to the children, their parents and the community.
The class environment is a valuable source of learning both to inspire ,reflect and to promote the work of the children

Relaxing sensory room :

This room is lit with Lava lamps and neon lights and fibre optics. Such a room has a positive response and a decrease in perceptions of distress.

Relaxing sensory room

Sand pit:

Sand pit

An area where kids can play in sand and build sandcastles; use toy trucks, shovels, and buckets to move the sand around; dig holes and bury objects, etc.Here the sand provides a medium in which children can pretend to explore, construct, and destroy the world in three dimensions.
Sterilized sand is used and all efforts will be taken to keep it stetrilised.

Montessori equipments:

Montessori  equipments be it tiny porcelain cups and saucers  or equipments to tie laces or other materials are placed at kids eye level. Children choose to play and enjoy the silent exercises. Any new material is introduced to the kids and demonstrated how the material should be used. For example the teacher demonstrates how to spoon the dried peas into the empty bowl. The child is then left to complete this task on their own. If the teacher were to see the child using the peas for any other play, she would demonstrate the task again.


Ball pit area:

Ball pit area

Ball pits are great active play toys for children and are well known for their therapeutic effects on special needs individuals of all ages. The brightly colored balls provide sensory stimuli (visual, auditory, tactile), massage the entire body, offer buoyant support and deep-pressure sensation

Encourage relaxation, strengthen sensorimotor skills, and build confidence and social skills with our active play ball pits.

Quiet Library corner:

Library corner provides an opportunity to come in to contact with books; start loving the books. By the end of UKG the kids themselves will go pick up a book and read.

Quiet Library corner

Kitchen , Toy shop role play:

Kitchen , Toy shop role play1

A full range Kitchen play sets encourage kids to work alongside other kids sharing resources and bringing out say a well prepared table.
Similarly a shopping cart, where a child can go shopping  picking fruits or vegetable or other groceries promotes imagination and role play. A generously sized basket and easy rolling wheels keep the emphasis on constructive play. A great toy to use with our play kitchens.

Painting corner:

Painting corner

Gardening provision:

Gardening provision

Outdoor  Car circuit :

Outdoor  Car circuit

Baking corner

The kids get to do real cooking and take home proudly the cookie or other baked items and can relish it with the thought of having made it all themselves.

Baking corner

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