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Dino Philosophy

At Dinokids we believe that most children are ready, able and eager to learn. We realise that a child’s development is not an automatic process as every  child is unique. We at Dinokids provide the opportunities and positive relationships ,enabling the child to grow into independent and self sufficient individuals with a deep rooted love for learning.

The teacher remains with the kids from PreKG to UKG for the next 3 years forming a vital bond between the family and the child and giving the opportunity for a strong sense of security for a young child


At the beginning and end of each session,  children and teachers take the opportunity to be quiet and still for a few moments. This creates a calm atmosphere, a connection with something peaceful and unchanging in today’s busy world.


Once a week there is a ‘Commendations’ Assembly in which children from each class are commended for outstanding effort, behaviour or work. The teachers use praise as much as possible for positive reinforcement and increasing self-esteem.

Healthy Living

  • Health is one of our primary focus area.
  • Our motto is to introduce 5 fruits/vegetables ( Dino 5 Shots) in the daily food routine for the kids.
  • We have a snack session between 10.30am to 11am everyday morning where we alternate fresh organic fruits and vegetables in the snack culture.

Documentation as assessment and advocacy

Documenting and displaying the children’s project work is necessary for children to express, revisit, construct and reconstruct their feelings, ideas and understandings. Pictures of children engaged in experiences, their words as they discuss what they are doing, feeling and thinking and the children’s interpretation of experience through the visual media are displayed as a graphic presentation of the dynamics of learning. Here in Dino Kids teachers act as recorders (documenters) for the children, helping them trace and revisit their words and thereby making the learning visible.

This is done mainly to provoke and stimulate thinking.

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