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PLOT 26, Marvel Parambariyam, Kalapatti Main Road( Opposite to SMS Mahal),
Saravanampatti, Coimbatore - 641035, Tamil Nadu

About Us

 At Dino Kids we aim to offer a caring, lively and happy environment for children in which they can feel secure. They are encouraged to develop their confidence and individuality  as they adapt themselves to the wider world by becoming members of a group that play, work and learn together.

We have a well defined student to classroom mentor ratio because we strictly believe that every child’s need has to be understood, analysed for key skills and provided the right “learn as you play” environment. Our  trained teachers have an understanding of the emotional and educational needs of small children. In addition to the regular staff team we also have specialist teachers for music, dance, sport and karate. Our staff, be it teachers or helpers are trained as mentors to guide the child in every walk of their day to day life.

The campus is truly of International standards. The mentors and the management at Dino Kids are not just the learning environment providers but they are the people who love to work with children to develop their creativity and nurture the child with right values to become a valued citizen of our country.

At Dino Kids we believe that children are ready, able and eager to learn. Since child development is not an automatic process and since every   child is unique we at Dino Kids provide the opportunities , positive relationships and the enabling environments.

We aim to encourage the children to arrive each day full of eagerness and anticipation and to leave with a sense of achievement and pleasure. We present learning opportunities in a stimulating, diverse and fun way. Children leave us motivated to learn, curious to find out, feeling confident and well prepared for the next stage of their education.


The MISSION of Dinokids is to explore, identify and develop the unique potential in each child and to impart the essential knowledge to nurture the child into a sensible and responsible human being..


At Dinokids, we believe that learning for kids should be fun, creative and productive. We believe that every child is different; hence our teaching environment is structured to provide the necessary bridge to close the differences.

We work alongside the parents, local community and the well wishers to portray the global changes so that our kids are geared to the ever changing needs of the society. We maintain a clean and secure environment and follow a healthy food culture in the campus so that the kids follow the same off the campus as well.

We at Dinokids not only strive to produce a successful child but also a moral and ethical human being.

Our Aim

At Dino the environment had been adapted to fulfil our aim. The aim of Dino Kids is to make the child

  • Self confident in his/her activities
  • Creative in every aspect of the thought process
  • Sensible when it comes to applying theory to practice
  • Caring and showing the sense of equality being in a group

They cannot afford to miss this important element of their education and harvest this often times, will bypass a class and danger being suspended.

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